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Whisky divides people. You either love its fiery warmth or detest its full-on flavour. Either way, there’s a reason why it’s Scotland’s national drink and our biggest export. Our crystal-clear streams and plump golden barley play a big part, but the art of whisky distilling has been perfected here for generations - it (literally) flows through our veins!

Whether you fall head over heels for our finest dram or banish it to the back of the drinks cabinet – at least you can say you’ve tried it on Scottish soil and seen a little of our sexy country along the way.



  • Sample whisky at Scotland's oldest working distillery
  • See a monument dedicated to one of Scotland's greatest warriors
  • Stroll through the enchanted Hermitage Forest
  • Arouse your architectural passions at Dunkeld Cathedral



  • Whisky Distillery Tour


Embark on your adventure at 8.45am, say goodbye to Edinburgh and hello to the ancient Scottish capital of Stirling – home to the iconic Wallace Monument and legendary Castle. HAGGiS guide will regale you with the bloody tales of Scotland’s most passionate patriot – William Wallace. Be prepared to hear more Braveheart quotes than you can shake a claymore at, as you learn of Wallace’s integral part in the War of Independence. *Shouts* ‘They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freeeeeedom!’

Feeling impassioned, we venture further into the rugged Scottish Highlands, before stopping to fill our bellies at the Famous Grouse Experience whisky distillery – think: dancing Grouse!

Take the tour to discover how Scotland's national drink is made and impress your mates when you marvel at how this whisky is: ‘steeped in peat smoke’ whilst you enjoy a well-earned dram.

Nicely warmed by the whisky, we head to the Hermitage in the heart of Perthshire and explore the woodland and rushing Black Linn Falls on the River Braan. Our return journey visits the quaint village of Dunkeld, in Macbeth country, whose stunning cathedral sits by the banks of the River Tay. We return to Edinburgh at around 5.30pm, passing the iconic Forth Bridge on the way.

(Routes are subject to change)


Whisky Distillery Tour

Some people squish up their face. Some stamp their foot on the ground. Others let out a loud 'ahhhhhh'. However you react to whisky, don't let it stop you from going on this fantastic optional guided tour. You'll discover the history behind Scotland's most divisive drink. You'll discover how it's made. And hopefully, you'll discover how to love it.

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