Recognised as the best, our guys are in a class of their own. They were born to show off their country in a style that has made them world famous! With them leading the way you will leave our shores loving our homeland as much as we do!

The Storytellers

Yvonne Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Yvonne in Orney
Scotland is the best place on Earth. I love that we have the history to go along with the amazing scenery, nothing beats the myths and legends of the Highlands and Islands. Watching people from around the world fall in love with Scotland makes me proud to be Scottish.

Duncan Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Duncan
Being an ambassador for this amazing wee country is one of the best jobs on the planet. As most people are heading to their offices in the morning, we are off to explore the lochs and glens with travellers from every corner of the world. Lifelong friends are made on these trips!

Calum Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Calum
I love showing off my wee country. Being able to see the rugged landscapes in all possible kinds of weather and sharing stories with so many people is the best thing about being a Guide. From the bloody history to dancing at a Ceilidh, every moment here is unforgettable.

Iain Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Iain
From being lucky enough to grow up around Scotland exploring its main places of interest & some of its remote places, working with Haggis adventures let's me share one of the best office windows in the world with people who bring their own new excitement when they see our beautiful country.

Richie Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Richie
The variety in this job in unreal! From the tour choices to the people you are pretty much guaranteed something new on every trip. But it’s the sights and locations that are the real biggies, from a stunning sunset over Oban to a dramatic, misty day on Skye.

Gillian Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Gillian
I'm a fiery ginger Scot who loves Scotland's dramatic scenery and how our ever changing weather makes every trip unique. No two days are the same, whether we are watching otters play at Eilean Donan or basking in the eerie beauty of Glencoe - it all gets my blood pumping!

Jemma Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Jemma
Scotland was voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I am extremely lucky to travel the whole country with people from far and wide. Through the re-telling of stories, history and legends it brings Scotland alive and everyone should experience this!

Angus Driver-Guide

Driver-Guide Angus
I grew up in the Borders of Scotland in a wee town called Duns. Moving to Edinburgh and starting work as a guide was the best decision I ever made. I love taking people from a range of different cultures around my bonnie country and telling tales of love, murder and history!

The Retail Crew

Tim Retail Team Member

Hi, I’m Tim. I hail from the legendary province of Taranaki, New Zealand. I am an ex-engineer, ex-radio DJ, ex-Tour Coach Driver/Guide, and now I’m calling Edinburgh home for the foreseeable future. You’ll find me out taking advantage of everything this incredible city has to offer!

Paula Retail Team Member

I love working for Haggis Adventures as a native Scot because I get to welcome people to our wonderful country. I studied French and Italian at university which I get to practice here. Plus, everyone who works here truly cares about the work that we do.

Karolina Retail Team Member

I’ve been living in Scotland for 6 years and I’ve been working in tourism ever since. Originally from Poland, I’m fascinated by the Scottish history and its great landscape. Haggis Adventures gives me the chance to do what I love and meet some amazing people!

The Backstage Crew

Pete S Operations Manager

Pete S
After spending several years as a guide I moved into the Operations team and over the years I have been actively involved in a number of areas of the business. For me, being a driver/guide was great. We had loads of fun, discovered new places and met new people every day!

Dougie Operations Supervisor and Driving Instructor

Could there be any job more rewarding showing the world our stunning nation? From Lands End in the south to the far north of Shetland I have experienced the well-known and the not so well-known spots of these amazing islands with visitors from all over the world!

Pete D General Manager

Pete D
I started with the company back in -98 as a Driver Guide. After a few years of showing people Scotland I was lucky to get the opportunity to work with Shamrocker Adventures in Dublin. Now I’m involved in all areas of the business and still enjoying it.


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