Why go HAGGiS?



We're a proud bunch who know what makes an unforgettable trip. You're travelling in our backyard so we consider it our duty to get you loving our homeland as much as we do!

Our mission is to make each trip we run the best yet. We love travel and travelling with like-minded people. It's all about getting out there and doing stuff, discovering new things and having a blast with the people you travel with. We've picked up a few awards along the way and that's because we have a legendary team of who are passionate about what they do. Get ready for THE best time of your travels...


Legendary - that's just one way we can describe our team but the most accurate. Unique characters all with bags of energy, enthusiasm and a breath-taking knowledge of their homeland, they're the ones who will make your HAGGiS trip the most unforgettable travel experience of your life.


We know you are travelling on a budget so you should spend your cash how you want to. If we do stop at a paid attraction, there's always a free alternative that's just as good. Hostel accommodation is guaranteed on all trips. We reserve the beds and you choose to 'Pay As You Go' or 'Pre-Pay' with one of our bundles. You can also treat yourself to a Private Room upgrade where available.


We mean just that. Once you book your trip, it will run. Since 1993 we have never, ever, ever, cancelled a single trip. You've made the effort to come see our country, so it's the least we can do!


Our yellow Mercedes Benz coaches are the latest models, custom built for exploring and have eco-friendly (low-emission) engines - ideally suited for getting off the beaten track. Your comfort and safety are top priorities to us. We like to do things properly!

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